At Rocket Songs, we live and breathe new music all day every day. Not just any new music – but great new original songs from some of the best songwriters, producers, and publishers out there. Songs that when we hear them, we immediately say “that could be a hit”.

Meet the team that’s dedicated to bringing these songs to you.

Jonathan Stone

Co-Founder / President & Creative Director

Jonathan is a highly regarded music-publishing executive, and the chief creative curator of all the songs you hear on Rocket Songs – he’s got the “ears”.

Jonathan began his career at ATV Music, becoming the Manager of Creative Services for the Nashville office, before moving on to become Director of Creative Services for MCA Music, working with such famed songwriters as Glen Ballard, Robbie Nevil, Mark Mueller, and Brock Walsh.

Jonathan's success at MCA caught the eye of the legendary Quincy Jones (yeah that guy), who made Jonathan Vice President of Qwest Music Publishing/Quincy Jones Productions, overseeing all aspects of music publishing for Quincy, including A&R for various productions including Michael Jackson, Patty Austin and James Ingram.

Jonathan went on to run Windswept Pacific Music Publishing, founded by legendary music publishers Chuck Kaye and Joel Sill, in partnership with Fujipacific Music of Japan, the largest music publisher in Asia.

As GM and then President of Windswept, Jonathan guided the company to become one of the largest independent music publishers in the world, publishing the works of Bruno Mars, Kings of Leon, Beyonce, The Spice Girls, Corinne Bailey Rae, Snow Patrol, Pete Townsend, Alice Cooper, Chris Farren, Mike Elizondo, and way to many more to name.

Windswept was sold to Bug Music for $175 Million, and Jonathan again joined forces with Fujipacific to form Radar Music, finding, signing and developing new writing talent in all genres of music. Radar struck gold with the signing of songwriter/producer Michael 'Omega' Fonseca, who co-wrote “Centuries” for Fall Out Boy.

Jonathan has served on the board of various organizations, including the Board of Directors for the Academy of Country Music.

John Cesario

Co-Founder / CEO

Starting with his early career as a songwriter when he would cold call music publishers and then show up at their offices and play his songs, he became a staff songwriter at Arista Music Publishing and Windswept Pacific Music Publishing, working with hit artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Eddie Money, Dave Mason, and Eric Martin.

After a few hits, a platinum record, and a couple of awards, he began to pursue the business side of the creative world, and over the last 20 years, he’s worked in executive management and strategic business development roles with various media and Internet companies. John’s business expertise in multi-platform media development & delivery in the music and entertainment industries has played a critical role in developing and guiding Rocket Songs.

Before co-founding Rocket Songs, he co-founded and launched: Noise Pop Industries, an event and lifestyle company supporting independent music and artists; GoodStorm, an e-commerce technology company, sold to Zazzle (a Google company) in 2007; and Mission AdWorks, a social advertising marketplace that connects logical groupings of website publishers with marketers, now part of Broad Street Interactive.

Prior, John was: General Manager of Skyline Public Works, a company that provided funding and incubation for social venture enterprises; Executive Manager of Production for Internet broadcasting pioneer iBeam Broadcasting; and Vice President of EDR Media, a company that developed programming for delivery via traditional and Internet broadcasting.

Ezra Greene

Chief Marketing Officer

Award-winning and patent-owning Ezra Greene has managed and launched some of the biggest brands and marketing campaigns in the digital industry during his pretty good career.

Most recently, Ezra built and grew the highly regarded, Home Brew Agency, specializing in social and digital marketing, targeted advertising and strategy. At Home Brew, Ezra may or may not have been called, "a fountain of good ideas," "king of the RFP" and/or "the greatest mind in a sea of great minds." We're still seeking confirmation on at least one of those.

Prior to Home Brew, Ezra headed Content for Spike TV. In a nutshell, what he did was take a UGC site and transform it into a digital content destination site full of original written and digital content, including James Gunn's PG Porn and the enduring Food Dude series.

He joined Spike following a memorable year digitally marketing movies for Fox's specialty label, Fox Atomic Films. There he not only was part of a team which tried to fundamentally change the way movies were marketed, but also oversaw ground-breaking campaigns for "The Hills Have Eyes II" and for "28 Weeks Later". The latter being a much better movie, in Ezra's opinion.

Before that, Ezra spent eight years at Warner Bros., where he oversaw a few relatively well-known brands: Scooby-Doo, Batman and a small literary-cum-theatrical one about a young orphaned Wizard which (or witch) also rhymes with Larry Botter. For that IP, it was launched on a global level and quickly became the 2nd biggest aggregated online entertainment community.

Ezra's history also includes re-launching Variety's website from a dysfunctional and awful purple one to one that actually represented the trade magazine's brand and quality.

In addition to the above, Ezra has been a part of two (now three!) start-ups. One of them was successful, the other not.

Ezra likes film and architecture, and thrives and wanes with the successes of the Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Eagles. He reads comic books, has a dog named Arthur and appreciates fine wine and cuisine.

Martín Coll

Technical Advisor

Despite being a die hard nerd who spends most of his days trying to learn that fancy new technology that just came out, Martín displays a broad business perspective that puts him in the right spot for the start-up world.

In addition to working at Rocket Songs, Martin is pursuing his Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, and is also a teaching assistant on Algorithms and Data Structures. He greatly enjoys teaching and is currently mentoring high school kids to become developers as part of a government program.

Martín has previously worked as an intern at Microsoft (three years in a row!), and has been a part of different companies and start-ups both in Argentina and the United States.

Martín loves traveling, photography, meeting new people at tech events and meet-ups, and spending more than he should going out for dinner.

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